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Social Studies Links


Geography ​ ​

Onzone - OntarioCanadian Match-Up Game
Canada's Natural WondersGeospy
CanadaInfo-ProvincesCanada Geographic Kids - Games
All About CanadaCanada Geographic- Fun Facts
Canada's Treasure TrekCanada Map Puzzle
Canada ConcentrationCanada Wordsearch
The Canada Game 


Government ​ ​

Government Through the YearsParliament In ActionLevels of Government
Parliamentary PuzzleCanada and U.S.A.Citizenship Test, #1
Follow that BillP.M. ChallengeCitizenship Test #2

First Nations and Pioneers ​

Kids' StopFirst Nations and Inuit by Eco Kids
Canada's First Peoples
Did You Know? Quiz About First NationsStory Robes and LegendsFirst Nations Memory Game

Pioneer Videos

Life In Early Canada - Episode #1 -Emilie's JourneyLife In Early Canada #2 - Jaime Really Liked To Eat!

Life In Early Canada #3
Wooly's Gift

Life in Early Canada #4 - The New Schoolhouse

Life In Early Canada #5 - The New School Teacher

Life In Early Canada #6 - Henry Settles In Upper Canada

Life In Early Canada #7 - Homesteading On the Prairies

The Harriet Tubman Story
Harriet Tubman Story #2

Ontario's First Pioneers, as seen through the eyes of the First Nations

Pioneer Websites

The Underground RailroadUnderground Railroad - Interactive Map The Kids Site of Canadian Settlement
Looking at Pioneer Tools!

Coming to Canada

Early Days Homesteaders
Pioneer Life In Upper Canada 

Pioneer Roles and Jobs

First Nation and MetisThe General StoreThe Blacksmith
School TeachersThe Doctor
The Doctor - Video

The Blacksmith Video

Prairie TownsThe Tinsmith - Video

 World Studies

Medieval Times

Castles for KidsHistory On The NetThe Tudors - Joust
Nine Man MorrisClothing of Medieval TimesFeudal Life
Sir Dragon TamerHorrible HistoriesCamelot International
Learn About HeraldryBeacon Learning CentreCastle Adventure
Castle viewVirtual CastlesCastle Constructor