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Primary Math Links


Manny's RumbaCatch TenBase 10 Fun
Base 10 BingoCatapult Count OnCaterpillar Slider
Coin ComboCount with Hoot!Math Magician
Life GuardDino Place ValueShark Pool Place Value
Spooky Sequence Counting by 2'sSpooking Sequence - Counting by 5'sSpooky Sequence - Counting by 10's
Give the Dog a BoneFind 10 MoreNumber Pyramid
Camel TImes TablesDivision MineForest Ordering
Adventure SequencesSafari UnitsCount Us In
Counting OrdinalsNumber MatchOrdering Numbers


Data Management and Probability

Graph MasterAnimal Island DataBilly Bug - Coordinates
Bugs in the SystemBar Graph SorterCounting Objects
Make a Bar GraphProbability CircusProbability Fair
Balloon BonanzaSorting Objects 


Patterning and Algebra

Caterpillar OrderingSpooky SequencesSequences
Number TrackNumber LinesNumber Sequence
Wash LineNumber Sequences #2Fishy Twos
Whack A MolePattern ManiaWhat Comes Next?



Measure ItTaking Measures - CapacityClocks and Time
Time Clock GameTime Clock - #2Telling Time Drills
Metric Match UpRuler GameMetric Match Up - Volume
Metric Match - WeightBest MeasureCentimetre Ruler Game


Geometry ​ ​

Sorting QuadrilateralsVirtual TangramsPass Your Driving Test!
TransformationsShape InlayComplete the Shape!
Basic Shapes - Video!Shape ModsAlien Angles
Space Boy RescueShapes Games! Many different Games here!Sorting Shapes by Angles
Sort Irregular ShapesSquirt the Dog!Sort the Rectangles
RobopackerIcy Flips, Slides and TurnsFlips, Slides and Turns
Flip, Turn, Slide, Song!  


Multiplication and Division Practise

Hoop ShootCrazy TaxiFishing Multiplication
Mad Minute MultiplicationMultiplication DrillsMultiplication Facts Game
Fun 4 The Brain - MultiplicationFun 4 The Brain - Division


Fraction Practise

Melvin Makes a MatchIdentifying FractionsSpace Fractions

Financial Literacy for Kids

Math & Business Resource for Kids in Primary & Junior Grades