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Junior Science Links

The Human Body

How the Body WorksKids BiologyThe Human Body - Movie
The Virtual Body​​Learning about Blood Circulation​Artificial Anatomy


 Light and Sound

Changing SoundsHow We See ThingsLight and Shadows
How We See - GameS​un, Light and ShadowsChanging Sounds
Light and DarkStudyjam Video - Sound​Studyjam Video - Light
Studyjam Video -  Light Refraction, Refraction, Absorption​


 The Three States of Matter

Solids and LiquidsGases Around UsChanging States
Reversible and Irreversible ChangesMelting PointsProperties of Materials
Characteristics of MaterialsStates of Matter - MillionaireStates of Matter - Label the Diagram
States of Matter - QuizSolid, Liquid, Gas, QuizMatter - Videos


 Pulleys and Gears

EdheadsInventor's Toolbox 
Video How Gears are Made  


 Forces Acting on Structures

Building BigBridges and StructuresForces in Action
Forces in Action, 2Forces of Wonder 


 Rocks and Minerals

LZ 1- Rocks and Minerals in your Home

LZ 2 - Minerals are Everywhere

LZ 3 - Refresh Your Memory

LZ 4 - Mineral Mix and Match

LZ 5 - The Learning Zone

Mineralogy for Kids

Mineral Matters

​​Why Rocks Rock!

National Geographic Rock Stars​​​​​

Igneous Rock Formation 

Video, and fun quiz that follows

Beach Rocks Video 

Another fun Quiz

School Of Rock



Biomes of the WorldKids do EcologyD4Kids - Excellent television epidoses with many different topics on Habitats!
Habitat ChallengePolar PairsThe Magic School Bus
Who Lives HereBBC HabitatsNG Kids - Search for your favourite animal!
Switcheroo ZooEco KidsWWF - Habitats:
Live Webcams from many different biomes!Who Lives Here?
​​BBC Animals ​
What Doesn't Belong?  Kids do Ecology​​​​
Food FightC.O.O.L. Food WebsBuild-A-Web
Antarctic Food Web GameBuild A Food WebFun With Food Webs
Produce, Consumer of Decomposer? 

Animal Research Links

National Geographic KidsAnimal
Enchanted LearningThe Animal SpotAnimals of The Tundra
Animals of The RainforestDesert AnimalsIt's Nature!