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Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Willow Landing Staff  

​Principal​Mr. David Brownlee
​Vice-PrincipalMrs. Jane Dewar
​Mrs. Gray
Ms. Leonard

Mr. Hodge
Mr. Bailey

​Primary ​
​KindergartenMrs. Coates
Mrs. Miskell
Mrs. Poissant
Mrs. Stevens (Online)

Kindergarten Links
​Grade 1
Mrs. Desrochers
Mrs. Rawson

​Grade 1/2
Mr. Warman
Grade 2
​Mrs. Lenihan (Online)
Ms. Morton
​Grade 2/3
Mrs. Dutton

Grade 3                                Ms. Szczepkowski
                                        Ms. Buchmayer (Online)

​Junior ​
​Grade 4

​Mrs. Nell

Grade 4/5
Mr. Cavers
​Grade 5
​Ms. Maurice (Online)

​Grade 5/6

Mrs. Mayer
​Grade 6​​Mrs. MacIntosh
Mrs. Serwaczak

​Intermediate ​
​Grade 7​​Mrs. Winch  (Online)
Mr. Powell
​Grade 7/8                           
​Ms. Kitchen
​Grade 8
Mr. Hogan

​Grade 8
​Miss Bates

Mr. Little, Mrs. Milak and Ms. Switzer

​Learning Centre
​Mrs. Hurley
​FrenchMme. Seaidoun and Mme. Pellow
Specialties​Mrs. Gilliland, Teacher Librarian
Mrs. Shephard, Planning Time
Miss Butler, Planning Time (Music)
Miss Sauve, Planning Time
Miss Merschilz, Planning Time

​Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Campoli, Mrs. Cvik, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Miedema, Mrs. Rankin, Mrs. Schell, Ms. Head and Mrs. Van Der Heydon, Ms. Therrien, Mrs. Buckley

​Designated Early Childhood Educators
​Ms. McKinney, Mrs. Rebelo, Ms Antal, and Mrs. Totten​
​Nurse Lily