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Classes & Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2015-2016 Willow Landing Staff  

​Principal​Mr. Steve Peck
​Vice-PrincipalMrs. Cathy Best
​Kindergarten​Mrs. Dutton/Mrs. Rebelo
Mrs.Poissant/Mrs. Totten​ 
Mrs. Stevens/​Mrs. Hilliard
Mrs. Osadca/Mrs. Antal​

Kindergarten Links
​Primary ​
​SK- 1                        Mrs. Pappas
Grade 1 ​Mrs. Fletcher/Mrs. Mayer​, Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Cirola​​​, 
​Grade 1/2Mr. Bailey
Grade 2
​Mrs. Shephard, Miss Miskell
​Grade 2/3​Mrs. Lenihan
​Grade 3Miss Thorne, Mrs LaChapelle 
​Grade 3/4Mrs. Nell
​Junior ​
​Grade 4
Mrs. Gilliland​/Mrs. Mayer, Mrs. Serwaczak​
​Grade 4/5 Mrs. ​​Persson
​Grade 5Mr. Cavers
​Grade 5/6 ​Ms. Mallory
​Grade 6​Mrs. MacIntosh
​Grade 6​​Mrs. McCann
​Intermediate ​
​Grade 7/8​​Mrs. DeGrechie, Mrs. Kitchen, Ms. Butler

Mrs. Potts-Fay, Miss Coutts, Ms. Comer, Mrs. Bertram

​FrenchMme. Seaidoun, Mme. Pellow
Specialties​​Mrs. Martin, Miss Carl, Mr. Kissick